If you want an experienced, honest, hardworking, caring and knowledgeable realtor, Lynn Fairfield would be who I would suggest. She was always available to answer our questions and did a wonderful job in keeping us informed with regard to the local real estate market. Her energy and communication skills are exceptional and she exceeded our expectations in all areas. We recommend Lynn without hesitation.
- Les

Lynn Fairfield ’s real estate knowledge, persistence and great intuition make her a very effective broker. In the course of seven years, Lynn has assisted us in the purchase of a home, the sale of our daughter’s house and finding just the right tenant for our townhouse in Lindenhurst. Lynn is savvy with her advice, generous with her counsel and a delight to work with. Thanks to her, these grandparents have been able to follow their grandchildren from the West Coast to Illinois and back to the West Coast. Should we need to move again… we’ll call Lynn!
- Robert & Sonia Brodkin - Temecula, California

She is a hard worker and with her knowledge of the area and the market makes her an excellent agent. She will work for you, as well as with you to find that right home. She listens to your wants and needs and finds just the right place. She has guided us thru the process and we are happy we chose her.
- Rhonda K.

Lynn Fairfield has been a consummate professional, easy to work with and effective with our transactions. Over the years she has helped us acquire a couple of condos, and though she was not able to sell our house at our price when the market crashed, she has provided us with good tenants. She has also provided us with other housing services over the years and we are very pleased to have her as our realtor.
- Rich

Lynn Fairfield helped my husband and I move from Florida to Lake County, IL. With her help we found a wonderful home, close to our work. Now, 7 years later we have returned to Florida and Lynn has helped us with the sell/rental our home in this economy as well. We couldn't have asked for better service or a better friend from all of our moves.
- Susan Hunter

Lynn helped us sell our home in a market that was very soft. We negotiated a price that was fair to both us and the buyer.
- Bill Calhoun

We waited a whole year to get the home that best matches what we were looking for and through out this process Lynn was very patient with us. She showed us so many listings that closely met our requirements.
When we eventually found our match, she helped us find the best home loan rates, home insurance, lawyers, home inspectors, pushed for us to get a home warranty, provide us with tips on negotiating for a reduction in the home purchase price. She also had follow up to ensure we are comfortable and happy with our new home.
- Henderja

Lynn Fairfield is a true professional. She is tireless in her dedication to her clients. We have worked with Lynn for many years and will continue to do so as long as we buy and sell property.
- Heidi Troy

Being a first time home buyer I was a little apprehensive about the purchasing process and all the options out there from short sales, foreclosures and so forth. She went over all the information I needed and wanted to know through the process and helped me understand what I was getting into.
I ended up purchasing a short sale and I could not have been happier with Lynn she was always on top the sellers realtor making sure my answers and concerns were being addressed. Lynn takes no bull and that is a necessity to have in a realtor in this market. She was always available, I typically communicated to her via email (due to my work) and she always responded back to me very quickly she never made me wait. I couldn’t have been happier in my experience with Lynn!
- Joanna and Mike

We bought a house in Kenosha and we were very impressed with the way Lynn treated us and how hard she worked for us. I have recommended Lynn to many friends who are possibly looking to buy a house. When I am ready to sell I will be using Lynn again!
- Dale Nixon

Having successfully completed several transactions with Lynn Fairfield I can honestly tell you that she is the consummate real estate professional.
She can effortlessly list or sell all manor of properties. In five minutes she can make multiple suggestions which clearly make the difference in successfully marketing a house.
When it comes to purchasing, Lynn displays a compassionate confidence which is calming and soothing amidst a very stressful time. Nothing seems to rattle her.
While some Realtors have the market knowledge and understand techniques, Lynn has a unique, easy-going personality which makes her a treat to work with.
Her manner is not to be misconstrued as being a "soft" negotiator. She will stand her ground in representing her client's interests.
There is no circumstance imaginable where Lynn would compromise her ethics, as they are the highest.
Having known a multitude of Realtors over the years, Lynn Fairfield is my first and only choice. It will be a very sad day if she ever decided to retire someday.
- Gregg Walter

Dear Lynn,
Thank you for all your work in getting our house sold. It could not have gone smoother. We hope you have a great summer and if you are ever in the neighborhood feel free to stop by.
Sincerely, Mark & Julie LaBar

Hi Lynn,
Well, we are in the mist of paper and boxes with lists of things to 
take care of on this end, but we no longer have dead lines to meet, so 
I am thankful for that. Yesterday your card arrived just the day before we were talking as we were unpacking the boxes and we recalled all the ways that you served us and took us through the process of selling our home.  You were amazing from the first time you sat at our table, not yet hired, yet giving us things we need to take care and check on, like flood zone, building permits.  We talked about how you and your assistant took care of all the needed details and we compared it to our realtor out here.  Your service was way beyond his that is for sure.  We just want to say thank you for everything, Lynn.  We would recommend you to anyone with confidence that you would serve them well.
God bless you for how you helped and took such good care of us.
- Judy and Jim

Lynn, more and more we see what an outstanding job you do and we are most thankful that you are the one we were led to to sell our home. Your service and expertise are outstanding. Thank you.
- Jim and Judy Anderson

On behalf of myself, Faith and Hope, I wish to sincerely say Thank You for helping us sell our home. You not only help us when selling it, but also helped us when we bought it. Once more thank you so much for your good and excellent services. We will dearly miss our home but most of all we shall always remember you, and won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell their home in Lake County, Illinois. Thank you so much for all you did for us.
Sincerely, David Osedo
Lynn Fairfield
Lynn Fairfield
1344 S MILWAUKEE AVE Libertyville IL 60048